Frequently asked questions FAQ´S
Huatulco, Mexico is becoming a favorite place for those looking to invest in a stable in an attractive quality of life. Beautiful beaches, a tropical climate and innovative infrastructure, make this the ideal destination. All your questions answered by our FAQ, and do your best investment.
Choosing a house? Real Estate Consulting It is important to consider whether it is permanent or just vacation house. Knowing what features you need, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, parking, pool, and what your budget is also very important for what you choose.
How to find the best agent to find my ideal property? Real Estate Services You need to find someone with who you feel comfortable and gives you confidence, it will help in the whole process of buying or selling you are doing. You may want to talk with several agents before choosing the best. We have always believed that honesty, integrity, experience and knowledge are essential to start with the right foot this process.
RE/MAX provides financial support? Financial Services The financial support provided by RE/MAX are focused on the promotion, advice and training. If you need financial support we coordinate with familiar Mexican banking institutions who are recognized for options that are more financially helpful.
Which banks we work with? Financial Services We can work with any bank that gives you a loan, it may be national or foreign. And we provide information and paperwork required of the property, for the realization of your loan.
What is a Bank Trust (Fideicomiso)? Concept The property Bank Trust (Fideicomiso) system designed specifically as a way to buy property abroad in Mexico remains in restricted areas (such as border areas and beaches). The Bank Trust (Fideicomiso) is authorized by the Mexican government, according to the Mexican Constitution and secured by the Bank of Mexico.
What is the difference between an inspection and an appraisal? Professional Advice An inspection of a property or home is an assessment intended to discover or find out all you can from it to know the conditions under which it is in, that is not usually required by a financial institution. An appraisal is an evaluation by a licensed appraiser to check the total value of the property.
What is a mortgage? Concept The mortgage is a loan that a bank lends to buy a property, usually a house. It is a contract between the bank and the client, containing the terms and it’s applicable clauses and the end of time and conditions under which the loan is granted.
When should I go to the bank or mortgage company? Financial Services Some people prefer to feel comfortable taking the approval of a loan before looking for a home while others prefer to find the house first, it’s up to you. RE/MAX Realtors are committed to help you find the best financing program to fit your needs, providing viable options to choose the one that suits you.
What does mean Promotion of inventory? Marketing RE/MAX is an international company. We participate in conventions and tours of real estate, where we promote our product. We have two web sites and also we have the support of all Re/Max offices in the world to promote the inventory.
Promotion costs Marketing During the term of a contract we do not charge fees for the promotion of your property. The fee we charge is for the sale of the property, we only charge our fee when the property is sold.
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