Packing Made Easy
Moving Home
There are a hundred and one things to remember when moving house; make sure your home removal goes without a hitch with our moving house checklist. With space to list your key providers, including removal and storage companies, estate agents, packing material supplier, and solicitors as well as crucial tasks to do before, during and after moving house you won't forget a thing. The Selection Before you pack your things select, organize and choose what you'll need, make a selection of the things that you will use in your new home. Everything else you can donate to charity or have a garage sale. Organization It's easy to pack what is difficult is knowing what your going to need. We recommend first packing the things that you need less, you can do so by naming areas or rooms and writing them on boxes to later identify what they contain. The heavy and fragile With the excitement of the move, we forget about the weight of the boxes. We recommend placing heavier items in small boxes. And the most fragile, in vertical boxes that are more resistant.
On the Move When unloading the moving vehicle have the movers place the largest and heaviest furniture first. Then place the boxed items. By locating the furniture first it assures that you wont have to do it later by yourself. Unpacking When Considering unpacking start with the most important areas of the house, things that you must have at hand and use most. Organize everything to your liking. At the end take a break and celebrate your arrival.

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